Welcome, bonjour, hola, helo!!!!
Well, it's been a rather loooooong 6 days of building, tweaking and uploading our brand new site. Something we *may* have put off for the best part of 18 months after our 2007 version of Dreamweaver died :(
We succumbed to buying a monthly subscription to a website builder app. Our 12 years out of date coding knowledge needed a fair bit of updating to make way for viewing the website on tablets and mobile phones and to be frank, we make far better prop makers and costumiers than we'd ever make website builders. So an off the shelf version it is. And, to be fair, it's bloody magic!! 
Our only issue was having to pull down the old before even starting the build on the new, hence 6 days of round the clock image loading.
We hope you enjoy. Yes, many, many more pictures to go and images that really need some time spending taking a decent shot by by the end of feb we'll be somewhere near.