Full range of wooden and earthenware platters and plates, bowls and jugs. Everything you need for a full on Medieval banquet.

  • Serving spoons

12" Wooden plates

Can be used as dining plates or as a charger plate. 12"/300mm diameter. 1/2"/ 12mm Height. 80p each to hire.

9" Wooden plates
Solid carved plates in Oak & Ash. 6"/150mm diameter. 1"/25mm height.  70p each to hire.

6" Wooden plates
Ideal for starters and desserts. Carved in Oak & Ash. 6"/150mm diameter. 1"/25mm height. 60p each to hire.

10" Pot Plate
Main course earthenware plates. New for Spring 2023. Thrown and fired in the heart of North Wales so each one is unique. 10"/250mm diameter. 1"/25mm height. £1.25 each to hire.

6" Bowls
Ideal for soups & starters. Carved in oak & ash. 6"/150mm diameter. 2"/50mm height. 80p each to hire

Medium wooden bowls.
Great for stews and as side dish bowls. Hold 1 litres to rim. 6.5"/160mm diameter. 3.5"/90mm height. £1.20 each to hire.

Large wooden bowls
Perfect serving bowl. 12"/300mm diameter. 4"/100mm height. Hold @ 3 litres volume. £2.50 each to hire

Hand carved so each one is individual. Measures @ 20"/500mm length. 8"/200mm width. 4"/100mm height. £3.00 each to hire.

Rectangular oak platters
Made in solid oak and are ideal for cakes and pies, cheeseboards and crackers. 16"/400mm long. 5.5"/150mm wide. 3/4"/20mm height. £2.00 each to hire.

Rustic round platters
Bark on slabs of ash. Look great to display foods and can be used as tablecentres with candles to create a rustic feel. Varying shapes @ 8"/200mm x 8"/200mm.

Baskets large
Suitable for breads and fruits. 16"/400mm diameter. 6"/150mm tall to top of handle. £2.50 each to hire.

Small baskets
Ideal for each table for bread and fruits. 10"/250mm diameter. 4"/100mm height to top of handle. £1.50 each to hire.

Wooden serving trays
Perfect for a drinks reception for all your goblets and earthenware drinking cups. Great for cheesboards and cake displays. 23"/600mm long. 15"/400mm wide. 3"/80mm height. £3.00 each to hire.

Mini pot bowls
For butter, chutneys, salt & pepper. Stoneware with a brown glaze. Measuring 3"/80mm diameter. 1 1/4"/40mm height. 40p each to hire.

Medium pot bowls
A bigger size to our small wooden ones yet still suitable for soups. Made in earthenware with a dark brown glaze. 6"/150mm diameter. 3"/80mm height. Hold 1pint/600mls. 90p each to hire.

Large pot bowls
Stoneware hand thrown by our potter in North Wales, these large pasta bowls are ideal as serving bowls. Holds 2 1/4 pints/1200mls. 9"/220mm diameter. 3 1/2"/90mm height. £2.00 each to hire.

Lionhead bowls
Stoneware with handles on the side. Great as a sauce bowl such as horseradish or cranberry. Used also as a small soup bowl. Holds 1/3 pint/250mls. 4"/100mm diameter. 2"/50mm height. 70p each to hire.

From large ewers for wines and water right through to our half pinters for cream, we have all the jugs a banquet needs.
  • 4 pint/2.5 litres 10"/250mm tall £4.50 each to hire
  • 3pint/2 litres 8"/200mm tall £3.50 each to hire
  • 2pint/1 litre 6"/150mm tall £2.50 each to hire
  • 1pint/500mls 6"/15mm tall £1.50 each to hire

Our range of wooden handles knives and forks along with our wooden spoons are perfect for all medieval events and banquets. 25p each to hire.

Viking spoons
A different take to our usual wooden spoons. Our Viking spoons will get your guests talking. Used as either a soup/stew spoon or for mini desserts such as chocolate pot. 8"/200mm long. 30p each to hire.

Serving spoons
Great for sharing platters and salads. Measure 11"/280mm long. 80p each to hire.