Questions, Questions, Questions!!!

What we do doesn't really fit into the 'norm' so no doubt you've a long list of questions that need some answers. Here's the top 10. Anything else give us a shout.

Do you deliver anywhere?

Yes. If it's 200 goblets to Glasgow, costumes to Cornwall or Benches to Bristol then we can deliver. Small orders usually go by courier, bigger stuff by van. Even smaller prop orders that need to go on a van can be done as we look at our whereabouts and tie multi deliveries together to save on fuel, time and cost to you. So it's worth sending an email and seeing what we can do. If you order fits in our campervan we'll also strike a deal on delivery so we can have a few cheeky days away whilst on your delivery :)

Do you have costumes for larger & Smaller guests?

Yes. Up to a size 34 and 6ft tall, or a size 4 and 4'10" plus not just one or two, but a whole range to choose from.

Can we come and see the props and costumes? 

Yes. It's all by appointment and we're based Nr. Bala, North Wales. We're available pretty much 7 days a week, all depends on what events we have booked and deliveries scheduled. We'll even make you a brew and you can have a full tour of all the stuff and even see some of the back stage stuff such as props being made!

Can you send stuff for next day delivery?

Yes and no. Please remember, we're not Amazon prime!! If we can we will. We tend to send kit out 10 days before your event to ensure delivery in plenty of time. If you're willing to risk a next day and we're able to pack and send then on your head be it! Please also remember we're not in our workshop 24/7 and could be miles away on an event.

Is your kit as good as the photos?

Yes!!!!This is our most asked question. It's as good, if not better. Lets put it this way, we're far better costume & prop makers than we are photographers. If you can come and see us we'll prove this to you in person. If not, and you'd like a sample box then get in touch and we'll send one over for cost price.

Can we come for a browse?

No sorry! We're only available to those wanting to organise a party or wedding. As much as we'd love to open up for browsing, its something we did for 10+ years whilst running the business on the high street, we feel we've done our 'time' on this one.

Im doing a shoot and need some armour, can you help?

Yes. Take a look at our Gents page and our Armour box. We can send you a mix of kit, in a 'dressing up box' if you're unsure wat you want. Also, we're always on the hunt for fresh photo's so get in touch and we can offer some 'swapsies' for shots :)

DO you have more stuff in your workshop?

Yes. A lot more stuff. Like hundreds of costumes and thousands of pieces not available to see online. We'll never get through photographing each piece so we always recommend a visit if there is something you want but can't see online.   

Im selling some costumes, are you interested in buying?

Generally no. We design, make and care for all our costumes in house so they're all made to our specifications. We do sometimes buy in special one off pieces such as capes or armour so give us a shout if its something individual like this.

DO you sell props or tableware?

Not our hire stock but can supply you new stuff such as goblets or tankards. Our wooden and pot kit is made in the UK by artisan makers and we can send over their details. Props we don't make to sell, pennants and flags we do :)