Tankards, goblets and Medieval drinking vessels

From our Viking style tankards right through to our mead shot pots we have a whole array of different sized drinking vessels to suit your needs for any event.

  • Tankards


Made in stainless steel, 6"/150mm tall. Hold 250mls. 95p each to hire

Pewter Goblets

Our pewter goblets are heavier weight and more detailed than our stainless steel. Perfect for top table or just for the wedding couple. £3.00 each to hire.


One pint stainless steel tankards. A great addition to any wedding or event. 6"/150mm tall. Hold 1pint/568ml. £1.25 each to hire

1/2 pint Tankards

Stainless steel. 4"/100mm tall. Holds 1/2 pint/275mls. 95p each to hire.

Viking Tankards

Stainless steel lined. Without handles. 6"/150mm tall. Hold 1pint/568mls. £1.00 each to hire.

Wooden water vessels

A perfect water cup. Standing at 3.5"/90mm tall. Holds 200mls. 80p each to hire.

Mead shot pot

Our small, stoneware 'shot' pots are perfect for mead, port or even Jagermeister! 2"/50mm tall. Holds @75mm. Each one hand thrown by our potter so shape and size vary. 60p each to hire.


Small, stoneware with a dark brown glaze. These expresso sized, handled cups are great for tea and coffee stations or for mulled wine. Hold 100mls. 2"/50mm tall. 80p each to hire.


Whether you need water or ale flagons or something smaller for coffee & cream. We have 5 sizes to suit.
4 pint/2.5 litres 10"/250mm tall £5.00 each to hire
3pint/2 litres 8"/200mm tall £4.00 each to hire
2pint/1 litre 6"/150mm tall £3.25 each to hire
1pint/500mls 6"/15mm tall £2.00 each to hire

Wine Coolers

Our gothic style wine coolers are a great addition to any event and hold standard 75cl wine bottles with space for ice. 8"/200mm tall. £3.00 each to hire. 

Small Beer Chiller Barrels

Fill with ice and pop in some beers! Width 22"/550mm. Height 19"/480mm. £18.00 each to hire.

Large Beer Chiller Barrels

Fill with ice and pop in some beers! Width 30"/750mm. Height 20"/500mm. £25.00 each to hire.