Lords, Kings & Knights

All our costume design team maybe female but when it comes to the creation of our male costumes then the men in our lives have a (loud) opinion. From the potter to our armourer and even chef, they're not shy in telling us what bits they love and more so, what they definitely wouldn't be seen wearing out in public. Gone are the days of Lycra clad Robin Hood in tights, our gents range is all about leather, studs and a good dollop of armour and swords. But fear not, we still have our flashy 'peacock' range for those of you who love a nice silk velvet doublet or those who love a splash of colour. There is something for you all! Hire charges for gents start from as little as £50.



A longstanding character whose robes are still worn in the same traditional form as seen in earlier centuries. Red under gown, cream chasuble, red and gold trimmed stole and crucifix. Not forgetting the highly decorated mitre.


One of the Knights in the King Arthur legends. Sir Bedivere was a loyal aide to Arthur and also features heavily in Welsh Folklore. With a brown, gold and black tabard, this costume also comes with shirt, trousers, armcaps, belt and collar in faux leather with metal studs.


Depicting the Scottish symbols of the thistle, this costume is in blacks with detail work in golds. Macbeth, one of Shakespeare's more evil historical characters. Shirt, trousers, belt, armcaps and faux leather collar.

King Arthur

King Arthur, a famous legend! Three crowns on his heraldic crest in gold. Includes shirt, trousers, three quarter length tabard in red, bronze and gold, armcaps, belt and collar.

Knights Templar

With a traditional tabard in cream faux suede, large red cross on the front and sweeping red cape, this is one of the characters of the Medieval age we all recognise. Black trousers, black shirt, belt and armcaps finish off the look.


Another of our reproduction costumes of the Roman Catholic age before Henry VIII overthrew the Church to introduce his own version of Christianity. Made in a Cerise satin backed dupion with black button down front, crucifix and hat.

Black Uther Pendragon

Perfect for those with Welsh blood running through their veins. Includes black trousers, black shirt, tabard with red emblazoned dragon, collar, armcaps and belt. Armour, gauntlets, shield and sword hired separately.

Duke of Cambridge

A long, dark beige cord tabard with black faux leather trim and gold embroidery. Comes with shirt, trousers, belt, armcaps and collar.

Friar Tuck

What can we say about the Friar? Brown twill under dress, hooded top, rope belt with leather pouch, crucifix and to finish it off, a bald pate!

King of the North

Black twill tabard with Martlets and the Lancashire rose. Comes with shirt, trousers, faux leather and stud collar, armcaps and belt. Sword extra.

Sir Gawain

Another of King Arthurs Knights of the round table. Our version is in a deep coral velvet with double headed black eagle on the chest. Includes shirt, tabard, trousers, armcaps, belt and faux leather and stud collar.

John of Lancaster

Black faux suede and velvet tabard depicting three Lancashire roses. Includes shirt, tabard, collar, belt and armcaps. Bootcovers extra.

Henry V

A long length jerkin in black faux suede with split sleeves. Crisp, white shirt with stand up collar. Heavy leather belt, shoulder cape and cockerel hat. Comes with black pantaloons and knee length socks. Gloves extra.

Hospitallier Knight

Having started out as a Catholic military order based in Jerusalem, today we see this Medieval symbol used by St. Johns ambulance as it was first used by the order to provide care for injured pilgrims. Faux suede long length tabard, sweeping black cape with silver crosses. Comes with black shirt and pants, armcaps and belt.

Liverbird Knights

A nod to the North. These red and gold quadrant tabards depict a red embroidered Liver bird. Comes with black shirt, trousers, tabard, belt, armcaps, collar & black cape. Chainmail, sword and bootcovers extra.

Robin Hood

Based on the costume worn by Kevin Costner in 'Prince of Thieves' ours is made up of a cream, open necked shirt, brown leather and suede jerkin, black trousers, faux suede armcaps, faux leather collar and belt.

Knight of Lady Luck

In a dark mustard velvet with large, free hand embroidered golden unicorn, this costume really makes a statement. Black sweeping cape. Comes with black trousers, black shirt, belt and armcaps.

Henry V Battle dress

This costume depicts the Royal standard worn by Henry V in the Battle of Agincourt. Quadrant design with the blue & fleyr de lys alongside the red with lions, this costume is really powerful. Comes with black shirt, trousers, collar, armcaps and belt.

Tudor King

Made in faux leather with heavily embroidered sections on the front, sleeves and back panels in charcoal and slate grey silk thread. Comes with a black, laced neck shirt, full length black trousers and black faux leather and stud bootcovers.

Duke of York

A costume for all you Yorkshire gents out there. Depicting three pale yellow roses on the shield along with ermine on a silver background. Comes with shirt, trousers, tabard, collar with stud work and a belt.

Alan 'a Dale

From the tale of the famous outlaw Robin Hood, Alan 'a Dale was a wandering minstrel. Our version depicts the Celtic knot in black and gold, with the tabard in a dark forest green cord. Includes shirt, trousers, half sleeved tabard, collar and armcaps.

Gaelic Prince

One for the Celts across the Irish sea. The Irish Harp is a worldwide symbol associated with Ireland that can be traced back the the thirteenth century. This golden harp is embroidered on the front chest in old gold and silver thread. Comes with shirt, trousers, collar, armcaps and belt.


This stunning costume in faux green suede features a large, freehand embroidered oak tree on the centre back and on the hemline. Eyelet and laced under jacket in green and gold brocade. Comes with shirt, trousers, faux leather and stud collar, armcaps and belt. Chainmail, swords, back scabbard and gauntlets hired seperately.

Sir Seaworth

A bold crest upon his chest. Depicting a boars head and two shells giving it a nautical reference. In faux green suede with leather trim and gold embroidery. Comes with shirt, trousers, armcaps, belt and faux leather collar.

Black & White Jester

Another classic Medieval character and perfect for the joker in the group. Our black & white jester comes with a triple pointed hat with bells, faux leather armcaps, with bells and a belt and pouch, with bells. Bit of a theme there! Also includes top, pantaloons, knee high socks and tabard.

Sir Percival

Another of the Knights of the round table, based on the mystical takes of King Arthur. Here this long line tabard in black and green depicts a rampant lion in silver on the front chest. Comes with shirt, trousers, armcaps, belt and collar.

Phoenix Knight

With a double bronze embroidered phoenix on the chest, the great costume - and play on word! - is great for those chaps wanting something not overly bright without sticking to an all black costume. Comes with shirt, trousers, tabard, collar and armcaps.

King Richard- Green

The likely source of the Royal Arms of England, with three golden lions emblazoned upon his chest and still used as the Heraldic symbol on currency and many sporting teams. Our version comes with a shirt/trouser combo then the tabard in green with embroidered lions, collar, belt and armcaps.


The perfect Knightly costume for all you Scotsmen out there. Long line tabard in green with a navy stripe. Crest with two blue rampant lions and a purple thistle. Comes with shirt, trousers, tabard, collar, armcaps and belt. Sword extra.

Edward the Confessor

With his crest bearing the golden cross and four birds as heraldry in 1033 wasn't invented. Then along came Richard the second a few hundred years later and the crest was designed and used by him as a dedication to Saint Edward. This costume comes with a black shirt and trousers, armcaps, belt, collar and the long line tabard.

Lord John

A medium length, half sleeved jerkin with a rampant dragon on the chest. This costume comes with either a white of black shirt, knitted collar, armcaps and belt.

Lord James

This full sleeved jacket is made in a rich, black velvet with embroidered taffeta detail work down the front panel and sleeves. Combined with a crisp, cream lace up shirt in a heavy duchess satin, black trousers, faux black boot covers and finished off with a sweeping black cape. Sword extra to hire.


Known as the third greatest knight of the round table after Sir Tristan and Lancelot. This beautiful electric blue faux suede tabard has silver thread running down the edges along with the sun and moon. Comes with shirt, trousers, tabard, faux leather collar, armcaps and belt.


Add a bit of mystery to your outfit with our Wizarding robes. A deep lilac under gown with a multi velvet floor length over coat. Made in various shades of purple silk velvet to keep the weight to a minimum. Freehand embroidery details and seed beads in amethyst and ruby. Comes with the traditional pointy hat, long beard and a rope belt with leather purse. 

Kings Champion

As a representative of the King during coronations, The Kings Champions original function was to challenge in mortal combat any persons disputing the new sovereigns right to rule. Hence being allowed to wear 'Royal' purple. Our version in made in silk velvet with the crest representing shells due to the UK being and Island surrounded by sea, along with an ermine inspired chevron. Comes with shirt, trousers, belt, armcaps and collar.


The most famous and most noble of King Arthurs Knights of the Round table. With his crest bearing a full eagle in black with bronze stitch details. The tabard is made in a light weight faux suede in grey with a silver and black trim around the edge. Comes with shirt, trousers, collar, armcaps and belt.

High Sheriff

In times gone by the High Sheriff had the enviable job of collecting taxes. A perfect outfit for those in accountancy or revenue! A three quarter length with half sleeved jerkin in a rich deep purple and black brocade. Comes with a shirt, trousers, armcaps, belt and collar. 

Gents costume extra's

Add in swords, chainmail, armour, shields & capes to finish off your costume.

Looking for a suit of armour?

Hire our 'Armour crate' It's a full box with all the pieces from your helmet right down to the bootcovers. Download our full colour brochure below and choose all your costume parts and we'll send you the full box which includes Parcelforce delivery & collection for £225.00


A full range of swords in various length for all heights. Comes complete with a sword belt and pouch. £15 each to hire.

Claymore & Back Scabbard

Measuring 4ft in length, these back swords are of Scottish origin and said to be used by William Wallace. With a full leather scabbard, this sits comfortably with an adjustable front strap on the chest. £25 each to hire.

Shoulder Armour

Formed shoulder armour in lightweight aluminium. Leather strapping across the chest and back making fitting and sizing easy. £20 per set to hire.