Love Clic Photographers

For wedding and event photography then give Steve and Daf a shout. Not only are their images on another level, they are an absolute must on any event just for their friendly banter. Crazy & brilliant double act!

The Whipperginnies

A fantastic trio of musicians and singers who'll drum, strum and bang away for weddings, banquets and corporate events. We've had the pleasure of working alongside these guys for over 11 years on more than 200 events all over the UK and they never fail to impress.

Steve Ashcroft the Jester

Jester? Magician? Or both combined! We've worked with Steve for over 12 years on various events all over the UK and he never fails to impress guests both old and young with his quips and tricks. With the stage presence of a Jester and the skill to hold large audiences with his magic, Steve also delivers up close mystical magic that leaves even us, 12 years and hundreds of gigs later, shocked and stunned with his

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