A warm cream gown with fitted A line fronted skirt. A deep burgundy front panel really brings this dress to life. Lots of gold details and a deep V neck. Sleeves can be worn on or off the shoulder.


This beautiful deep scarlet gown is fitted on the waist with large, cream lined bell sleeves. Square neckline with eyelet and ribbon lacing detail down the front bodice. With a freehand embroidered belt & drop in cream, gold and burgundy silk thread. 

Catherine of Aragon

Designed in satin back dupion and cut on the lustrous side, the fitted bodice with deep cut neckline is rather divine in the crimson red. With a front panel and sleeve detail in red & black woven silk and a criss cross design in Russia braid, there is a much detail on the back panel as the front. Can be worn both on and off the shoulder.


In a heavy duchess satin, deep red with celtic knot rim to the belt. Large bell type sleeves lined in a light cream. Looks great on all body shapes.

Anne Boleyn

Empire line in raw black & red silk. The under bust design gives a more comfortable fit on the waist whilst the long line details on the skirt creates a vertical illusion. Leg of mutton sleeves with black velvet detail on the shoulder, hand beaded in burgundy glass beads.

Pheasant Plucker

Fully boned and lined bodice in a deep red with a scooped out neck. This dress really defines the hourglass figure. Full, double layered skirt in a warm golden shade with netted, sewn in underskirt. 


A scarlet red gown with full skirt and underskirt. Deep V neck and sleeves that can be worn on of off the shoulder. Train track detail work down the front bodice and skirt as well as the back. Gold and ruby beading on the front.


With a square neck and fitted sleeves with gold lurex pipping detail down from the shoulder to elbow, Ruby is one of those designs that works well on most shapes. Heavy black, red and gold beads on the front bodice and the train track detail down the front draws the eye away from bums and tums.


Round neck in a dusty pink with a deep red contrast. Fitted a line skit with small pleating on the back panel. Detail work with self coloured embroidery and hand stitched black glass beads. 

Lady Louise

With a a aline front and full skirt on the back, this gown in deep red can look great on size 8 or 18. A lovely rounded neck and neo gold front panel, this gown is one of our most popular in our burgundies and reds range. With the second sleeve dropping from the elbow, you have the luxury of a big, medieval sleeve without the volume.

Innkeepers Daughter

Our take on the classic 'Wench' look. This version has an all in one underskirt and blouse with a scooped, draw string neck, meaning you can flash as much or as little flesh as you want! Deep red wrap around skirt cut in a full aline shape. Burgundy brocade waistcoat with eyelet and cord lacing up the back and front.

Lady Jester

The fun side to a Medieval party! Our Lady jester comes as a dress with underskirt and separate faux leather waistcoat. Comes with a belled collar, red knee length socks, tricorn hat and matching dolly bag.


Our take on the classic from Arthurain legend. In a light cream with square, ruby glass beads as a contrast on the neckline, sleeve and belt. A deep, scooped front bodice and tapered undersleeve, this gown is a winner for those looking for a light bright costume option. Why not add one of our silk velvet capes to your order and finish off the look?

Catherine Parr

Empire line with a leg of mutton sleeve. In creams and golds. Pearl and gold seed beads hand stitched on the front panel and down the sides.


With a fully boned bodice, delicate glass beads in blues and turquoise this gown is a showstopper! Complete with sewn in underskirt, main skirt and a crepe overskirt.


In a lightweight Duchess satin in the palest of Ivory. Taper, fitter sleeve, embroidered and beaded drop belt and front bodice panel. Square neck and square cut back with embroidery detail. Why not add one of our pale blue and silver silk capes to finish the look?

Field of Gold

A stunning butterscotch gold gown. Full boned and double lined bodice. Neck, elbow and belt details in copper Russia braid with heavy yellow, chocolate brown and dark pearl beading.


Go big or go home! This gown was added to our range in 2017 and quickly became one of our most popular full length dresses. With the fullest of skirts and a full boned bodice, there is hours of work in each of these gowns in embroidery and beading. So if you fancy swishing the night away, Beauty is the dress to do it in.

Ann of Cleaves

Overall a simple, elegant gown in a warm buttermilk gold. Made in matt satin backed dupion, this gown is fully lined but still remains lightweight and easy to wear. Both the front bodice and belt in heavily embroidered in gold celtic knots, overlaid with pearls and gold beads. 

Lady of Shalott

With gold embroidered details along the length of the belt and around the upper arm band, this gown in a matt 'Old Gold' shade is a popular choice. A double sleeve with a fitted forearm, and a tapered batwing style over sleeve dropping from the elbow. A line front skirt with a pleated back to give more volume.

Duchess of Kent

Using a combination of lightweight Duchess satin, patterned brocade and raw silk, this dress although light in colour oozes class and glamour.


This warm chocolate brown gown looks stunning on blondes, brunettes and red heads as Helen shows here. Classic Medieval lines with big bat wing sleeves and a contrasting sleeve lining in warm gold.

Tavern Wench

Another version of the classic 'Wench' look. This costume has an all in one underskirt and blouse with a scooped, draw string neck, meaning you can flash as much or as little flesh as you want! Chocolate brown wrap around skirt cut in a full aline shape. Brown, faux suede waistcoat with eyelet and cord lacing up the back and front.


A light cream gown fitted on the waist with a forest green taffeta contrast on the neck line, belt, drop and arm cuff. Freehand embroidery details punctuated with matt deep purple, burgundy and green glass beads.


This mint green and gold gown has a full underskirt in the gold, with a wrap style 'overskirt' in the green. Heavy ribboning and pearl bead work adorns the front bodice. Full, pleated shoulder leg of mutton sleeves and a nice square neckline. This dress is suitable of later historic events and it lends itself so well to early Elizabethan events.


Our most popular gown in the deep forest green range. Made in satin backed dupion and pipped in gold lurex this dress really has the wow factor in colour and style. Large bat wing sleeves lined in cream with a gold embroidered belt and drop with celtic knots and bead work.

Castleton Green

With a v front and back this dress really gives a good cleavage. Can we worn both on or off the shoulder. Criss cross ribbon work on the front and belt with hand beaded details. A lovely rich forest green with complimenting shades of petrol blue, navy and some gold detailing. Pictured here with one of our cotton velvet capes.

Queen Eleanor

Another rich forest green gown with a V neck and fitted sleeves. Can be worn on of off the shoulder. Large, full skirt with a line front and pleats pushed to the back.


A full boned bodice with false lacing on the front panel. Three quarter sleeve with pearl and gold beaded details. A double bottle green skirt gives big volume to the bottom section.


In a mid forest green, this a line style gown with contrasting front panel has been a firm favourite for a long time. Pictured here with one of our Scottish widows capes which can also be hired, make a great complete costume for a summer or winter event.


A deep forest green Medieval gown with a beautiful semi sweetheart neckline. Gorgeous fit on the bust with the skirt pleats pushed to the back for a slimmer look on the hip without losing the swish of a big skirt. Gold and pearl hand beading.


Made in lightweight satin back dupion, fully lined with underskirt, this gown has a full skirt, large bell sleeves and a square neckline. Detail work in gold seed beads.


An a line fronted gown in a mid forest green duchess satin. A low, square neckline, eyelet and ribbon lacing on the front bodice and freehand embroidery details from the neckline to hem. The light gold on the front makes a great contrast.


Our take on the classic 'Wench' look. This version has an all in one underskirt and blouse with a scooped, draw string neck, meaning you can flash as much or as little flesh as you want! Bottle green wrap around skirt cut in a full aline shape. Green & gold brocade waistcoat with eyelet and cord lacing up the back and front.

Queen Mary

This deep purple gown is a subtle showstopper. With silk velvet vertical lines this is another suitable for those of us want something as close to the safety of the 'little black number' without look like you're wearing your funeral gear. Fitted leg of mutton gives shape on the fore arm whilst the extra fabric in the upper sleeves is more roomy.


Similar in style to Queen Mary above but made on the lustre side of the fabric with silver highlights. Added addition of detail work on the elbow. We've seen this work well from aged 3 to 93.

Lavender Lady

Created in a mid purple satin backed dupion with a dark cream front panel. Criss cross details to the bodice and a lovely sweetheart neckline,


This vivid purple is a classic royal colour. Fitted waist, lots of gold details and plenty of beading and braid. 


New for 2023. Its a gown that's been around for a few years that we've debated whether to add to our standard stock. But it's a yes! Currently only available in a 38" bust, with enough lead time we can make this gown in any size to hire as part of our stock line. A rich purple with deep burgundy and gold's a stunner!


A light shade in a lightweight fabric. With a raw silk front panel and vertical details, this gown is easy to wear and one you can dance the night away in.


Light blue matt gown with the front bodice and belt made on the lustre side of the fabric which makes this dress really pop! Looks great on young and old as is really easy to wear and lightweight. Silver details and pearl mini beading.

Maid Marian

Another of our mid blue gown with a beautiful woven embroidered front panel in blues, creams and very pale golds. Embroidery and pipping details in silver with a mid cut, square neckline and batwing sleeves.

Lady of the Lake

This gown is by far one of our favourites in terms of colour and style. A real 'electric' blue with sweeping bell sleeves that have been tapered on the upper arm. Gold eyelet and ribbon lacing and gold silk embroidered narrow belt.

Lady Jane

A simple, elegant dress that easy to wear and in a deep French navy shade. Created on the matt side, it's great for hiding bumps and lumps. Suits all skin tones and hair colours. Silver celtic knotwork with seed pearls and silver beads.


Fitted waist, narrow skirt and a fitted sleeve. This gown is a lovely simple yet elegant gown. Made in a deep Navy Satin back dupion with silver and black detailwork.


In ocean blue, the mid colour gown in beautiful and looks well on most ladies as the shade won't drain your colour. With sliver bead work and embroidery, made in satin backed dupion it's lightweight and easy to wear.


This unique gown is made in a Duck egg blue Satin backed with side lacing on the bodice, square neckline and a fitted band around the upper arm.


Another one of our gowns cut in the Empire style so is so comfortable after a four course banquet and a few glasses of wine. The cut under the bust still gives a lovely shape and fit with definition. Made in a duck egg blue with a simple celtic knot in silver thread.


This gown is created in a wonderful shade and the colour really turns heads. With a tapered bat wing sleeve fitted on the upper arm it really is a classic Medieval shape.


Another in Ocean blue but this time with gold and bronze contrasting colours. This gown also has large, bell sleeves. The belt and sleeve linings are self coloured but on the fabric reverse to give a swish of sheen.

Blue Moon

A heavy weight gown, more reminiscent of the Elizabethan era in a mid blue. A beautiful heavy brocade front panel with the waist details pipped in white and beaded in lilac and silver glass beads.

Lady de Grey

Black & Silver. A classic colour combination. A simple yet flattering design with a heavy brocade front panel and silver beading.

Black Magic

Another classy black gown, this time with deep burgundy pipping and ribbon lacing down the front panel. With a double sleeve you ge the fitted look on the under sleeve down on the forearm with the Medieval trailling sleeve coming fron the elbow.

Serving Wench

With a white under dress, the black skirt and faux black lace up waistcoat make a great colour combination.

Viking and Medieval Daywear

New for 2023. Beautifully designed and made, a great addition to our hire range. Full and ankle length plain under gowns with a whole selection of earthy shades of over dresses, aprons and collars in linens. Finished off with leather and rope belts. Perfect for a working class event, staff and theatre costumes.  


From our ever popular 'orle' style hooped rings to wired and beaded bands, our range of headwear is huge. Each gown comes with its own complementing headdress to finish off the look.


All Hallows

Pair up any of our gowns with one of our luxury velvet capes and a beautifully decorated velvet witches hat



A full array of capes in various fabrics, styles and colours. Shawls are £15 to hire, full length capes £25 each to hire.