Thrones, seating & tables

Take a look at our options below on tables, bench hire and throne hire.



Whether you're after a single one for a photo booth or a set of four for top table, our thrones are the perfect addition. Overall height 6 foot/2 metres. Width 30"/750mm. Depth 23"/600mm. Comes with either a burgundy or forest green seatpad and two loose cushions. £75 each to hire.

Seat of Thor

Our Viking style throne. A one off piece made in solid oak with hand carved features. Height 48"/1.2 metres. 27"/680mm wide. 30"/760mm deep. £60.00 to hire.

Mini Thrones

Our set of faux leather mini thrones are an ideal solution to seating for special guests on top table or if hiring benches, for those who need a seat with a back. 4ft/1.1 metre tall. £25.00 each to hire.


Made in solid wood stained in dark mahogany and varnished, these sturdy benches set the scene for any banquet. 6ft/1.8 metres long. 12"/300mm wide. Seat 3 comfortably. £11.00 each to hire.

Bench pads

Faux chocolate brown leather bench pads. Embroidered with a self coloured Tudor rose. 6ft/1.8 metres long. 12"/300mm wide. 1 1/4" /30mm deep. £6.00 each to hire.

Sheep & Goat Skins

Our range of sheep and goat skins make a great statement for any Game of Thones, Viking event or general Medieval banquet. Varying sizes and colours. £8.00 each to hire.

Chaircovers - Velvet

Luxury velvet chair covers in a deep red or black velvet. Square topped. Fit most standard conference chairs. Come with a coloured organza tie. £2.50 each to hire.

Chaircovers - Lycra

Thick lycra chair covers in a light forest or deep bottle green. Rounded topped. Fit most standard conference chairs. Come with a coloured organza tie. £2.50 each to hire.


In a mid gold with burgundy centre section, these Lannister chair hoods depict a gold embroidered rampant lion front and back with a small, hand stitched tassel and brocade detail. £2.50 each to hire.

Solid Wood Tables

Made of reclaimed scaffold boards, these rustic, solid wood tables are a thing of beauty. 6ft/1.8 metres long. 2 1/2 ft/750mm wide. Seats 6 people comfortably. £25.00 each to hire.

Barrel tables

Adds an extra element to your event. Standing at 27"/700mm tall. Diameter 23"/580mm. £15.00 each to hire.

Trestle tables

Our standard trestle tables are a cheaper way adding tables to your event. They're plastic topped with metal legs so are easy to pop up and drop down. A great solution if you're planning on clothing tables. 6ft/1.8 metres long. 2 1/2 ft/750mm wide. £5.00 each to hire.


For individual seating either on table ends or within a bar/chill out area. Our scatter stools are super comfortable with a 6"/300mm foam seat. £8.00 each to hire.