Suits of Armour, Props & Other kit

From sword stands to pumpkins right through to lanterns, bunting and flags. We've got it all. If there is anything you can't see on our website then drop us a message. All our kit is designed and made in house items are constantly being produced. All available to hire throughout the UK and ROI.

  • Freestanding suit with Great Helm

Suits of Armour
Our suits of armour are all individual and make a fantastic addition to any event. Standing at over 6 foot/2 metres tall and made in full steel plate, they're big and bold! £130 each to hire.

Set of Stocks
Made in solid wood, our standing stocks can be used indoor or outdoor. 48"/1.2m tall. 66"/1.65m tall. £45.00 each to hire.

Whether you're after a single one for a photo booth or a set of four for top table, our thrones are the perfect addition. Overall height 6 foot/2 metres. Width 30"/750mm. Depth 23"/600mm.  Comes with either a burgundy or forestgreen seatpad and two loose cushions.  £80 each to hire.

Comes with 14 full length swords. Overall width 90"/2.3 metres. Height 46"/1.1 metres. £130.00 to hire.

Large Dragonbowl
A great addition to any GOT or fantasy event. Can be hired alongside our dragon eggs. Used to hold breads, fruits or even as a drinks station. 28"/700mm diameter. 17"/430mm tall. £30.00 each to hire.

Dragon eggs
Three large 12"/300mm eggs displayed on a wrought iron stand. Overall height 40"/1 metre. Width 25"/630mm. This stand slots perfectly into our large dragon bowl. £35.00 to hire. 

Small Dragon bowl
Makes a talking point at any event. Fill with creme eggs as wedding favours! Height 16"/400mm. Width 17"/430mm. £12.00 each to hire.

Great to place on entrances alongside bales of hay for a more Medieval rustic feel. Large wheels 3' to 4'/0.9m - 1.2m diameter £15.00 each to hire. Small 16"/400mm diameter £5.00 each to hire.

Gothic Boxes
Our range of dark chocolate brown boxes make great table ends or ailse columns to an height & volume. Height 22"/550mm. 18"/450mm square. £15.00 each to hire.

Sir Cumference
This guy is the ideal dance partner! Never intended to be part of our range but finds himself invited along to many a gig and has even be known to sit on top table! 50"/1.2 metres tall. £15.00 to hire.

Mythological Mermaid
Solid carved wood and great for nautical and Viking themed events. 18"/450mm wide. 6 foot/1.8 metres long. 14"/350mm tall. £60.00 to hire.

Full sized Boar
Meet Vanessa, our full sized taxidermy boar. Comes on a steel pole and wooden legs. Overall width 7foot/2.1 metres. Stands 4 foot/1.2 metres high. £70.00 to hire.

Full sized horse
Our fiberglass horse takes pride of place in many of our events. Comes with one of our livery sets, click here for options Horse & Dog livery 
Height 7 foot/2.1 metres. Width 7 foot/2.1 metres. £120.00 to hire.

Covered wagon
This big piece has been used as a drink reception area and also a buffet/desserts station. Comes with large baskets and uplighting. 7 foot/ 2.1 metres tall. 8 foot/2.4 metres long. £120.00 to hire.

The Seat of Thor
Our Viking style throne. A one off piece made in solid oak with hand carved features. Height 48"/1.2 metres. 27"/680mm wide. 30"/760mm deep. £70.00 to hire

Large pumpkin basket
An oversized basket filled with carved foam pumpkins and silk ivy. 21"/530mm diameter. 21"/530mm tall. £18.00 each to hire.

Medieval Manor post box
A beautiful wooden manor house with card slot in the top. A great addition to any Medieval Wedding. Height 30"/760mm. 12"/300mm square. £45.00 to hire.

Small treasure Chest
Makes a great prop to a Nautical themed Medieval event. Can also be used as a post box....or fill with chocolate coins. Lined in red velvet. Height 12"/300mm. 17"/430mm length. 14"/350mm deep. £30.00 each to hire.

Depicting the Knight of the round table, our Medieval cakestands made a great piece to display traditional cakes on cheese stacks. 12"/300mm height. 24"/600m base diameter. Top 12"/300mm diameter. £55.00 each to hire.

Faux stacked cheeses, perfect for events and film sets. Height 13"/330mm. Bottom width 12"/300mm. £15.00 to hire.

With faux breads and loaves. Comes in a 2 part so can be used as one big piece, or to display real breads. Overall height 35"/900mm. 32"/800mm diameter. £55.00 each to hire.

Pigs head
Made in fiberglass, our pigs heads are the epitome of Medieval times. With a faux apple and veg, they look great on display tables. Diameter 20"/500mm. Overall height 10"/250mm. £40 each to hire. 

3 tier display stands
Great for displaying buffet option as they add extra height to tables. Or decorate with fresh flowers and candles. Overall height 30"/750mm. Width 13"/330mm. £9.50 each to hire.

Small Lantern
Made in wood with cast metal fittings. Comes with LED candle. Measure 14"/350mm tall and 7"/170mm square. £12.00 each to hire.

Cathedral Lanterns
Our large style lantern come with a LED candle and are made in wood with cast metal details. 25"/630mm tall. 15"/380mm square. £18.00 each to hire.

These make a great addition to any Halloween or Potter themed event. Measuring 66"/1.65m long and 10"/250mm high. Comes with 5 LED candles. £22.00 each to hire.

These add extra height to tables or can be used on ground level. Height 40"/1 metre. Base width 15"/380mm. Comes with 4 LED candles. £25.00 each to hire.

Castle Turrets
Another great addition to your Medieval event. Each one is individually designed and made. Stands at 20"/500mm high with a 9"/220mm square base. Comes with a LED candle. £18.00 each to hire. 

Freestanding Gothic Chandeliers
Made in wrought iron and steel, these freestanding chandeliers are great on any Gothic or Medieval event. Comes with 20 LED candles. Overall height 6"/1.8 metres. Diameter 30"/750mm. £45.00 each to hire. 

Tree of Life
A great prop to recreate a forest and woodland theme. Comes with fairy lights operated by our battery packs. Overall height 56"/1.4 metres tall. Base width 18"/450mm. Canopy span 46"/1.2 metres. £65.00 each to hire.

Barrel Tables
Adds an extra element to your event. Standing at 27"/700mm tall. Diameter 23"/580mm. £15.00 each to hire.

Beer Chiller Barrel
Fill with ice and pop in some beers! Width 22"/550mm. Height 19"/480mm. £15.00 each to hire.

Basket selection
If you're looking to add interest to your event the add in our selection of baskets. 12 baskets in total. £25.00 to hire.

Gothic Chalkboard
Tableplans, order of the day or an information board. Our Wooden chalkboard is perfect. Measures 1 metre tall. £25.00 to hire. 

Our Medieval style lectern is great for displaying your guest book or even your tableplan. Overall height 36"/900mm. Width 26"/660mm. Depth 16"/400mm. £18.00 each to hire.

Small cushion
Great for filling up windowsills and for dotting around areas. Measuring 16"/400mm square. Available in Greens, Burgundies, Creams and bluey/purple. £5.00 each to hire.

Large Floor cushions
Make a great area for chilling out. Either in marquees, tents or tipi's. 35"/900mm square. £10.00 each to hire.

Sheepskins & Goats skins
Our range of sheep and goat skins make a great statement for any Game of Thones, Viking event or general Medieval banquet. Varying sizes and colours. £8.00 each to hire.

In days gone by, salt was an precious commodity and was kept under lock and key. Our mini treasure chest salt boxes make a great talking point. 8"/200mm wide. 6"/150mm deep. 7"/180mm deep. £8.00 each to hire.

Screens - Armourers Guild
Our burgundy and gold Medieval backdrop is great to set behind top table or buffet tables. Comes with silk flame lamps which are battery pack operated (included). Overall width 17 foot/5.2 metres. Height to peak 8 foot/2.5 metres. £120.00 each to hire.

Screens - Tree of life
Our forest green and gold Medieval backdrop is great to set behind top table or buffet tables. Comes with silk flame lamps which are battery pack operated (included). Overall width 17 foot/5.2 metres. Height to peak 8 foot/2.5 metres. £120.00 each to hire.

Screens - Viking
Our hessian, leather and fur backdrop in dark creams, browns and bronzes is great to set behind top table or buffet tables. Comes with silk flame lamps which are battery pack operated (included). Overall width 17 foot/5.2 metres. Height to peak 8 foot/2.5 metres. £120.00 each to hire.

Medieval style tents
Our 3 metre x 3 metre black & burgundy tents come with leg weights and are ideal for adding in extra seating or standing area's outside. £80.00 each to hire. 

Medieval style chill out tents
Using our black & burgundy Medieval tents we add in a plush red velvet ceiling and wall drapes, large pennants. Together with a floor covering, large floor cushions and sheepskins we also add in uplighting to create a warm and inviting space outside. Outside is decorated using shields and bunting. £150.00 per 3 metre x 3 metre.

Our specially fabricated range of firepits come in two sizes. 'Big Bertha' is our large, round pit with a 40"/1 metre diameter and 18"/450mm tall. Perfect for sitting around once the light fades. £55.00 each to hire. Square pits are 20"/0.5 metres square. £25.00 each to hire.

Medieval Bar Section
4ft/1.2 metre wide bar sections come with an internal shelf for glassware and a solid wood top. Added to the front are our wooden targes. £40.00 per section.

With multiple colour channels and available on mains or battery units, these easy to use lights are the finishing touch to events. £20.00 per unit to hire.

A range of carved, foam pumpkins which look great in a forest or Hagrids veg patch. Varying sizes from our small ones measuring 10"/260mm to our large one 27"/680mm. Small £6.00 each to hire. Large £12.00 each to hire.

Cake Toppers
Made in Polyester clay depicting various Medieval characters. Measuring 8"/210mm tall. £20.00 each to hire.